Jengo has been Signed!

Jengo has been Signed!

It may seem like Robot Wizard, the studio developing Jengo, has been quiet thus far in 2017 – but underneath the social media surface there have been many developments at the developer.

2016 saw the creation of the Jengo world and all of its colourful characters. With the Voice Over search at the end of last year it became apparent that Robot Wizard needed to expand the Jengo team. This may have resulted in a delay finalizing the voice search, but it highlighted the need for a full-time writer on the team to craft the characters and their dialogue. With this Robot Wizard welcomes Michael James (of rAge and NAG fame) to the team. His contributions have already had a significant impact on Jengo. Voice over artist selections will follow soon!

The big news that’s been brewing in the last few months is that Jengo has a publisher! We are pleased to announce that Jengo will be published through France’s Playdius Entertainment (the publishing wing of Plug In Digital) and will be released as a full title, instead of the original plan of being an episodic release.

[miptheme_quote author=”says Francis Ingrand, CEO of Playdius Entertainment.” style=”text-center”]We are thrilled to work with Robot Wizard. Jengo’s bittersweet humour, wonderful arts and brain-teasing riddles are a bright combination for those craving for a throwback to Point and Click Adventure Games with a modern and appealing coating.[/miptheme_quote]

As the team expands, so does the scope of Jengo – welcome aboard Michael James and Playdius Entertainment. Jengo is set for a late 2018 release.

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