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Jean du Plessis

I pretty much started gaming on Famicom! For those who didnt survive the flood on the ark with Noah, this was an 1980’s 8-bit console using interchangeable cartridges. (Google it, it will blow your mind!). From there things got a bit more hardcore, and I started playing DOS-Based games, (Again…google is your friend.) and that progressed through Windows 3.1, until the present where I enjoy intense graphics, captivating story-lines, alternate endings and mind-numbing grinds on both PS4 and Windows PC. Other hobbies include DJ’ing House, Progressive, Trance, Tech and Minimal. I love watching Anime, my favorite shows are Naruto, Bleach and Sword Art Online. Epic, I know.

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Michael du Plessis

My favourite gaming genres are Survival Horror, Indie and RPGMaker, RPG, MMO and MOBA/RTS based games, especially if there is a good story behind it all. I started out in the Geek world by being a Spiderman fan from a very young age already, and then started gaming on PlayStation and a PC not long afterward. The first games I remember playing are Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and even Spiderman! I then started getting a taste for Survival Horror on PC by playing Aliens vs. Predator 2. Since then the bug bit me. My favourite Survival Horrors include Amnesia, Outlast, Dead Space, and Five Nights and Freddy’s. I’m a fan of cosplaying and started cosplaying in 2015 at Smallville Comics’ opening of their 2nd store. I’ve been a huge fan of anime since an early age, and my favourite shows include Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto, and most recently; Tokyo Ghoul.

Guest Reviewers

Cat Black

Gaming is one of my greatest passions ever since I was a child. Growing up I never really enjoyed playing with dolls and was always found with my cousins playing FPS PC games or with toy cars and action figurines. Today as an adult, I stand proud and tall as a Geek, Gamer Girl, Cosplayer & YouTuber.

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