Logi (Logitech) Circle HD Wireless Camera

Logitech has done it again! This time with Wireless Security and Monitoring.

The Logi Circle HD Wireless Camera brings convenience and logic (see what I did there) together in a palm sized security device.

Everybody is so used to the “bulk” that comes with owning a security system or a video monitoring solution, which is why I was so excited when I found out about the Logi Circle HD Wireless Camera late last year at a Logitech Event. Not only does this “apple-sized” piece of tech change your viewpoint of a “CCTV” system, but the added mobility of the device bolsters its value along with many more great features.


Daytime Camera Image
As an “on-the-go” business owner (No, CodeBros is not my full-time job!) it is very important for me to have access to the “goings-on” at my Warehouse at any time of the day. My business has mutated greatly, and we have quite recently moved into our third larger Warehouse to accommodate our stock holding.

I said that for one reason only. I need a better Security Camera Solution. The system that has moved along with me, is too “klunky” and would require far too many meters of cable to link up to a Monitoring System to effectively cover all the “nooks and cranny’s”. Needless to say, I have been looking for a Wireless Solution, but thanks to the good guys over at Logitech, that ideal solution is here!

The Logi Circle HD Camera packs a beautifully crisp 1080p HD Camera that gives you the option to export or view your recordings at 360p, 720p or 1080p HD video, which is really nifty. What impresses even more it the built in Speaker and Microphone, which allows you to have a dual-way conversation with someone on the other end of the camera. I used this to communicate with my Warehouse staff and Sales Team, depending on where I had the camera positioned.

“Aiming” is simple, the Logi Circle has a Manual 360-degree Pan and an impressive 110-degree tilt, which literally allows you to see what you need to see, when you need to see it. The package also contains a Magnetic Wall Mount, making permanent positioning an absolute dream. No brackets, pipes or spacers required for hiding power and signal cables! (Happy-Dance) The Logi Circle connects to any 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi Network, and immediately gets to work once a connection has been established with your Logi-Cloud account. Does that mean it stores all video on the cloud? Yes my dear reader, it does!

Run. The cops are coming!

Night Mode Camera Image
With cloud storage and the built in speaker, I could easily use this Camera Solution as a criminal deterrent, because once you have the Logi Camera Application installed on your iPhone or Android device, you receive instant notifications of movement through its Advanced Motion Detection Sensor or even when the camera identifies a humanoid form in its field of view. What I can then do, is log in, greet my intruder, tell him that he has a few seconds to turn and run before he is cuffed and charged with attempted burglary. Can you imagine?

Then, if he is bold enough to smash the camera and hang around thinking he is a “baws”, all I need to do is wait for armed response to pitch up, do their job, and I can arrive with an incriminating USB, as the recording footage can be enhanced with the latent 8x Digital Zoom allowing me to capture his fully confused look when the camera talks to him, because everything is downloadable to either my phone library or a PC for the police to use in court. The Logi Circle also features an Auto Night Vision Mode which gives great detail up to roughly 5 meters! Impressive right?

Another really cool feature is the “Day Brief” summary, which will compile the whole day’s footage into a 30 second clip, kinda like a time-lapse view of the activities that took place in-front of the camera. Lastly, and for me, most importantly, the Logi Circle HD Camera has Multiple Camera Support. With this being said, this small and light camera has without a doubt become another Logitech device I will be proud to add to my ever growing Logitech arsenal, and I will be purchasing a few more to complete my Modern Security and Monitoring System for my Warehouse and Offices.



Internet connectivity is required to utilize the Logi Circle HD Camera, so it goes without saying that this spiffy device is not for the regular webcam user or casual prankster. The target market for this device would be for small businesses like mine or tight knit families, who go on vacation and want to have a peek at whats going on at home or chat with their pets, heck, it would be ideal for parents looking to monitor their newborn in their cot. The applications are limitless. However, the standby battery is not. During the Day, you can count on the 1600 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery to give you around 6 hours of life, where in Night Mode, you can get roughly 3 hours of footage. At the time of writing this review, TakeAlot has the Logi Circle HD Camera on Special for R3,399.00 with free delivery through Mr Delivery available.

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