Logitech G: Pro X Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G: Pro X Gaming Headset Review

If you are even a fraction of what I am like when it comes to being an Audiophile, then whenever you hear or see the word “Pro” being attached to a set of Headphones or Earphones (Yes, there is a vast difference between the two), then you either roll your eyes or you get so excited that you have an insatiable desire to get hands-on, see and hear exactly what the definition of “Pro” is to the company that developed and produced the Headset.

Coming from a lineage of Sound Engineers and Multimedia “Creatives”, I grew up in multiple Recording Studios, basically cutting my teeth on Professional Mixing Desks. I only mention this because I have extensive training when it comes to all aspects of Audio; mainly Sound Fidelity (Sound Quality). Naturally, I have more appreciation for SQL (Sound Quality) over SPL (Sound Performance), so I almost never use Sound Equalizers on a Microphone or Speakers to Enhance Tops, Mids or Bottom End (High Pitch Sounds, Normal Pitch Sounds and Deep Bass Sounds). The true quality test for any Audio Output Device is with a Flat EQ (Zero Frequency Enhancements), which is why Professional Studio Headphones cost an exorbitant amount of money, as they are crafted to such a standard of quality that easily exposes poor sound quality, often hidden by equalized headphones dedicated to either Gaming or Music.

Play Unchallenged

You may be asking yourself why I would even mention Studio Headphones in a Gaming Headphone Review right? If not, you should be. Firstly it is because the presentation of the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset really makes it look like a set of Studio Headphones, already giving you a good impression, before you even put them over your ears, secondly it is because of how I tested and eventually reached my final verdict regarding this profoundly perfect headset.

Not Gaming Quality, But Studio Quality
Starting off with the feature discussion, the Pro X Headset makes use of the brand new Logitech G Pro-G™ Drivers (Speakers), which features a unique hybrid mesh construction to deliver amazingly Clear and Precise Sound Imaging that achieves the Highest Level of Accuracy across a wider Frequency Range seen through the Logitech G Gaming Headset Range. Avoiding any Graphic Equalizer Presets within Logitech G Hub I jumped into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on my PlayStation 4 through the Console Controller to bypass any “potential frequency influencing shenanigans” and loaded up the level where you storm the Embassy in Urzikstan, closed my eyes and let the sound Paint the Visuals for me. Having played through the game with a different gaming headset, I could immediately tell the difference.

I could hear the sharp but subtle “ping” of each bullet casing hitting the floor, the goose bump inducing rumble of the tanks and aircraft passing by and while having someone else turn my character in different directions and run through the streets, I could point in the direction of certain things, call them out and then have it confirmed by my assistant.

Having just been “teased” by Pure Sound Immersion, I unplugged the Pro X from my Console Controller and plugged the cable into the Pro X’s External USB Sound Card connected to my PC and launched into Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts. I was not only blown away by the untainted purity of the sound coming from the Pro X, but was completely caught off-guard by the DTS® Headphone:X 2.0 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Spatial Anti-Assassin Audio, which rendered the scenes in Next Generation Audio 3D Realism. It was the equivalent of what a Virtual Reality Headset is to my Eyes, but in this case, a Virtual Reality Headset for my Ears. I was entirely drawn into the surroundings and it felt like I was really in between the Siberian Icecaps, listening to enemies talking to each other and hearing how muffled their words became as the wind picked up. Even while holding my breath in-game to steady my scope, the silence became almost deafening, which is not how I remembered it sounding when I played it using yet another different set of gaming headphones.

Looking into this upgraded DTS® feature, I saw that it’s claim to fame was that, “it was designed to present a new level of distance awareness that differentiates between near field and far field audio, so your enemies location is pinpointed more than ever”. In a nutshell, you can no longer blame your headset for not “letting you hear” enemy footsteps in CS:GO, Overwatch, Apex Legends or Fortnite. The Pro X was designed to give you an unfair advantage. Use it.

Sound Like A Pro

The Microphone on the Pro X is #NextLevel Awesome. Logitech G has partnered with BLUE VO!CE Microphone Technology and have attached a Studio Grade Microphone to a “Gaming Headset”. With the technology built into the microphone, and through the Logitech G Hub interface, you gain access to a range of professional real-time voice filters such as: a High-Pass Filter which removes low-frequency noises like car engines or your fan; Active Noise Reduction that excludes consistently produced unwanted noises like fans, vacuums, rain or crowds from being broadcast; an Expander Gate which removes unwanted background noise when you’re not speaking into the mic, like your radio, tv or dogs barking; and a De-Esser that scans high frequencies for hissing or sibilant sounds in real-time and excludes them from being broadcastjust to name a few. I would like to encourage you to go take a look at the video’s and features on the BLUE VO!CE Fact Page to see what I have not included, which is a lot.

This tiny 6mm Microphone is detachable from the Pro X, and is positioned on the tip of a 7.5cm long boom that you can bend or shape to the ideal distance from your voice, and has replaced our Live Stream Desktop Condensing Microphone. This has drastically increased our Production Value, because there is no longer any need to “shush” background activities or delay content creation because the Café is too busy or noisy. When not in use, I simply unplug the microphone from the headset and set it aside. Through the Pro X’s External USB Sound Card and Logitech G Hub, my PC picks up the disconnection and mutes the Microphone Input Channel, and does not automatically change to the next available “functioning” Audio Input Device.

Power From Your Ears To Your Fingertips
The External USB Sound Card which is shown in the image slideshow on the left (the small box attached to a USB via a short cable) serves a dual purpose. Not only does it handle all the Professional Grade Digital Sound Processing “off system”, but it also allows you to save your EQ Profiles directly to it’s Internal Memory, which you can then apply to other PC’s via Logitech G Hub. If you are a Professional eSports Contender, or just very preferential when it comes to your personalized sound settings, then this is the ideal way for you to travel and experience uninterrupted sound quality, no matter what system you are playing on.

The Pro X also requires very little power to operate optimally, as it has a very low Impedance Rating of 35 Ω (Ohms), where the general average these days is between 8 and 300 Ohms. If you do not know what this means, let me quickly give you a Crash Course in Power Ratings.

Have you ever plugged a headset into a device and hardly heard anything, or had those headphones blow and not know why? Similarly, have you ever had that happen to a set of speakers perhaps? You can blame it on the Ohms. Think of that headset or speaker as a Pipe and the Audio Signal (Music) as Water flowing through that pipe. The bigger the pipe is, the easier the water can flow through it, and the smaller the pipe is, the less water can flow through it. In the wise words of Jacob Zuma, “Now listen properly”. A speaker with a low impedance rating is like a big pipe, because it allows more electrical signal to pass through it (flow easily).

Next, you need an Amplifier (in this case, a Sound Card). You get many types of amplifiers, capable of delivering different types of electrical signals. Some are rated to deliver 100 Watts at 16 Ohm Impedance and some are rated to deliver 150 to 200 Watts at 8 Ohm Impedance. I will be saying it again, but a little differently this time, applying what you have just read. The lower the impedance, the more easily Electricity (Music Signal) flows through the Speaker, but most Amplifiers are not designed to work with 8 Ohm Speakers, so by using the pipe example, if we use a Bigger Pipe (8 Ohm Speaker), it can only carry more Water (Audio) if we have a Pump (Amplifier) powerful enough to push through the extra flow of Water required to fill the Pipe effectively – You won’t hear anything if the signal cannot reach you. This is why I could use the Pro X while it was plugged into my PlayStation 4 Controller. It also works well while being plugged into my Xbox One Controller.

I have said all of this, to explicitly show my humble appreciation for the hard work that went into developing and building a Studio Quality Headset of this Caliber, that does not require Phantom Power (Amplifier) from a Powered Mixing Desk. Many studio headsets require phantom power, because they have a High Ohm Rating, due to their Driver Coils and Magnets, making them heavy. The Logitech G Pro X Headset however, is exceptionally Light and Comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. The Frame (Headband) has been constructed out of Aluminum and the two Earpiece Forks (the Bendy part holding the Speaker Cups) have been made out of Steel, which guarantees you Longevity and Durability. The Cushion that covers your head is made out of Memory Foam wrapped in a Leatherette Material, and you get two sets of Ear Pads, also made out of Memory Foam, but wrapped in either the same Leatherette Material or Cloth. The Frame has been designed to press the Speaker Cups gently against your head as snug as possible, Maximizing Noise Isolation (Noise Cancellation) and facilitating Distraction Free Gaming.


The first time I used the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset was at the rAge 2019 Gaming Expo (October) and it left a very good impression on me back then. I was under the impression that it was in-fact a pair of Studio Headphones, only to learn, upon receiving them for review a month later, that they were not classified as Studio Headphones, but rather part of the Professional Gaming Range introduced recently into the Logitech G Product Offering for eSport Players. This headset has already been featured in the 2019 Tech Awards under the Gadgets and Players Accessory Category. Having already mentioned that the headset is very light, the dimensions are 138mm in Length, 94mm in Width and is 195mm High, Weighing in at only 320g without either of the 3.5mm cables attached, which are 2 meters (PC) and 1,5 meters (Mobile) in Length.

When you buy yourself a Pro X Headset, inside the box, you can expect to find a lot of fancy goodies (also shown in the image slideshow where I referenced the USB Sound Card). Firstly, your Pro X Gaming Headset, the Memory Foam and Leatherette Ear Pads, the Memory Foam & Cloth Ear Pads, the USB External Sound Card, the Detachable Mic, the 2 meter PC Cable with Inline Volume and Mute Controls, the 1,5 meter Mobile Cable with Button, a Y-Splitter Cable for separate Microphone and Headphone Ports, a Leatherette Travel Carrying Bag and lastly, the User Documentation.

The Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset is available from Evetech at R2,499.00 or from Loot at R2,424.00. I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed reviewing this headset, it has effortlessly become my absolute favorite headset of all time. It is a bold statement, however I have had more than enough time to consider all the facts, compare it with multiple other headphones and the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset is now my Headset of Choice. It is exceptionally well priced for what you are getting. Honestly, I was surprised to see that it was not listed at a higher price, but that is probably because I was comparing the quality to Studio Headphones, which start at roughly R4,000.00 for Quality Entry Level Studio Headphones, not to mention Quality Entry Level DJ Headphones that start at R3,000.00. I would strongly recommend these headphones to anyone that is serious about Zero Compromise with their Sound Quality and Immersing Themselves in their Gaming Experience, while having Powerful Features completely within their Control.

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