Logitech G: G935 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G: G935 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

For the past 2 years, I have been inseparable from my Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Snow 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset when it came to Cross Platform Gaming. I always bragged about my G933, however, one day, I bragged to the “wrong” (right) person, who very politely told me that there was an even better model available, with even more features and better quality. Now, I am not one to easily be swayed by public or popular opinion, so I had to test the theory and see whether the Logitech G935 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset could upstage something I had grown so fond of.

Placing the G933 Artemis Spectrum Snow (Limited Edition, mind you) right next to the G935, I could not visibly see a difference in their look and feel, other than mine having a white headband with black meshed cloth material padded ear cups, as opposed to the black headband with black leatherette padding ear cups. This was a relief, as I had gotten used to the Circumaural (Headphones that completely Surround your Ears) ear pads, that never put any harsh pressure on my ears or the side of my head, even if I had been gaming for extended periods of time. The beauty of the cup design was in how it allowed for said comfort, while also Maximizing Noise Isolation (Noise Cancellation), facilitating distraction free gaming, no matter where I was.

I was a little worried about the leather though, as some leatherette coverings tend to get very oily or attract dirt quickly, but surprisingly, the G935 ear pads did not, and if I ever wanted to, I could just pop the pads off, wipe them down quickly with an Alcohol Swab or Lens Cleaner Tissue and pop them back on.

Play Optimized

That is pretty much the closest similarity that there is between the G933 and the G935, because from there, literally every aspect was not only Upgraded, but was Masterfully Perfected! The previous Pro-G™ Drivers (Speakers) were 40mm in size, but were now bumped up to 50mm Pro-G™ Drivers, meaning that Logitech G had managed to do what not many Peripheral Manufacturers can do, and that is to fit a larger speaker, that is better than it’s predecessor, in a cavity that has not increased in size. The problem with bigger speakers is that the Driver Coils and Magnets generally tend to increase respectfully in aspect, which allows for better Sound Frequency Response, but not in this case. The G935 presents a bigger set of speakers, with bigger sound, without increasing the size of the overall speaker and ear cup housing.

Futuristic Features, Here, Now
The next feature that got a complete overhaul was the DTS® Headphone:X 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Spatial feature that got a #NextLevel upgrade with the immersive and revolutionary DTS® Headphone:X 2.0 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Spatial Anti-Assassin Audio, which is the very fancy term for “Next Generation Audio”. In simpler-complex terms, the Sound Fidelity (Quality) has reached the currently “consumer available” Maximum Soundscape Accuracy Level (Precision), replicating in-game 3D Audio Realism allowing you to clearly detect Position and Distance better than ever before. All of this can be tweaked and customized within Logitech G Hub, allowing you Individual Volume and Equalization Control over each of the sound channels, which is particularly appealing to folks that are Audibly Impaired or Partially Deaf in either of their Ears, giving them the Power to Balance Out their Sound Experience.

Comfort is very important. Sound quality is equally important. Minimal Wireless Latency, is crucial. Something I always had praise for with the G933, is how good the 2.4 GHz Wireless Range performed while I walked around my house. I was often devoted to Destiny 2 Raids with my Clan certain week nights, where we would spend roughly 3-4 hours progressing through content and boosting fellow clan members to increase their “light levels”.

This would mean that we would need take a 10 minute break quite often, and I would be able to go to the Kitchen, visit the loo and even feed my Pets outside while staying connected to the Voice Chat Channel on my PlayStation 4 Console. Walls did not disrupt the signal at all. To be fair, my flat was not very big, as it was a two bedroom Bachelor Pad, but it was built like a Maze, so staying connected to the Wireless Receiver was Impressive, and with the G935, they have managed to tweak the Wireless Frequency even more, with Loggitech G being able to Boldly Guarantee a 15 Meter Indoor Range and 20 Meter Outdoor Range on the Box and Product Support Website.

Now you do not need to deal with the Fear of Missing Out on those Golden Clan Banter Moments while you step away from your Console or PC ever again.

Play On The Go

The G935 comes with a 6mm Flip-to-Mute “Mic+” Boom Microphone that has exceptional Voice Clarity, even when the Graphic Equalizer, Compressor Limiter (Audio Enhancement that prevents Distortion when Shouting) and Background Noise Eliminator is off. The microphone has an LED Indicator which shows you when your microphone is muted (when flipped out), or you can easily mute the microphone by flipping (folding) the boom into the headphones making it virtually invisible. I kid you not, each time I gave the headset to someone at the Café to use, they could not find the microphone unless I directly pointed at it and helped them flip it out.

Comfort Meets Superior Versatility
All of the controls, including the flip-out microphone are located on the left ear housing. Starting from the top, you can find the On/Off Switch and below that are Three Macro Buttons (G-Keys).

These buttons can be customized via Logitech G Hub to further enhance your gaming experience by Customizing them to in-game Macros or to Control your Media Triggers and Audio Profiles without leaving your game (PC Only). Below that is the Mute Button and lastly the Volume Control Wheel, which was the same on the G933 as well, and using these felt natural to me, as I was able to transfer and use my G933 presets to the G935. The surface covers on the left and right ear housing can pop off, exposing two separate cavities respectively, which store the Headset Wireless Dongle and Headset Battery.

The Logitech G G935 is LightSync Technology Compatible, allowing you to synchronize your RGB Lighting Animations and Effects through Logitech G Hub if you have other Logitech G devices, like the Logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse or Logitech G513 Carbon Mechanical Keyboard. If you have all three devices, you can sync them all for a completely unified and immersive Logitech Gaming Gear Experience, where the lighting can be driven by Games, Audio or even your Screen, as discussed in the G513 Review. The G935 has two RGB Zones available, being the Logitech G Logo and the Side Strips on each ear housing.

The G935 can be used on Mac OS and even though it is a Wireless Device, it does have a 3.5mm Audio Jack Port that also lets you use the headset with your Mobile Phone, Nintendo Switch Game Console or any other device that has a 3.5mm Audio Jack, making this one of the Most Versatile Gaming Headsets on the Market to date offering so many Premium Quality Features and unrivaled Input and Output Sound Support.


Not that I would ever recommend that you drop or mishandle your peripherals, I can however say that the G933 was built to last, as is has been dropped and bumped off a table or the couch more times than I can count (by Me, my Children and even CodeBro Café Visitors). Needless to say, it has not broken or gotten damaged. I mention this only because the Design and Ergonomics of the Logitech G G935 are a lot more sturdy, and it feels a lot less “plastic” than the G933 does, so I have faith that it should also be able to withstand the typical lifestyle of a gamer. The Logitech G935 is completely cross platform compatible, and can be used on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Consoles, Microsoft Windows PC and Apple Mac.

The G935 is slightly heavier than the G933, but only by 13g, which is more than likely due to the increased magnets on the larger speakers. The dimensions of the G935 measures at 188mm in Height, 195mm in Width and is 87mm Deep, also Weighing in at 379g without it’s USB Dongle or the 3.5mm cable attached. The Lifespan of the Battery on the G935 is the same as the G933, lasting for 12 Hours if the Lights are turned Off and for 8 Hours if the Lights are left On. When you purchase the G935, inside your box you will receive the Logitech G G935 Gaming Headset, a 3.5mm Analog Cable with Audio Controls, a USB Data and Charging Cable (Micro USB), a USB Powered Wireless Mix Adapter and the User Documentation.

At the time of this review, you can order yourself a Logitech G G935 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset from Evetech at R2,949.00 or from Takealot at R3,450.00. It is safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the performance and also truly honored to have experienced the raw power of the G935. Even with all it’s features, it is a rather expensive headset, so for the time being I will use my G933, and should the day come that one of my children claim it as their own, I can only hope that the price has dropped a bit, however, with what is available on the market, you will not find a wireless headset with so many features for the same price, and if I have the money available, I would happily spend the asking price on a G935 to compliment my “Logitech G Loadout”.

Seeing as I have been comparing the two throughout the review, should you be curious about the price difference between the G933 and G935, Evetech is selling the G933 (not the same limited edition white version as mine) for R2,699.

Look and Feel
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Multi platform compatibility
Breathtaking sound quality
Incredible features through Logitech G Hub
Feels stronger than the G933
Market price
No interchangeable ear cups
Cross Platform Dominance
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