BenQ ZOWIE G-SR Mouse-Pad

BenQ ZOWIE G-SR Mouse-Pad Review

What else is important to your FPS experience while taking part in e-sports? Aside from the correct “hand-held” tool, the mouse-pad can contribute greatly to your overall performance. Does Zowie’s G-SR Mouse-pad contribute in a positive way, or is it unimpressive?

The BenQ ZOWIE G-SR Mouse-pad, designed for gamers who demand a more balanced ratio of comfort and performance, seems to stack up quite well against many other brands. I have heard positive feedback from many others, and I must say, from my own experience, I was not unimpressed. When I opened the box and removed the mouse-pad from its enclosure, I was happy to see that the edges were stitched and I found that the stitched edges weren’t uncomfortable either, so I’m happy with the material that was used for the stitched edges. And another positive with the stitched edges, is that the material won’t fray on the edges of the mouse-pad.

I was also surprised to find the surface underneath the mouse-pad to be a smooth rubber, in contrast to the more common bubbly surfaced rubber, which caused it to be very stable on my desk.

The G-SR in it’s full glory!

The top weave of the mouse-pad is made from a very smooth fibre, allowing for a comfortable mouse glide. The glides seem to be almost completely even, with a slightly smoother glide from side-to-side. The static friction is pretty much non-existent. Any mouse can be used on this mouse-pad; Be it a generic wireless USB mouse, or even the BenQ ZOWIE FK-series mouse models (see link for our review), this mouse-pad does not discriminate, which is a pleasant surprise. The G-SR is relatively large (it’s dimensions being 480 x 400 x 3.5 mm), which is overkill for me, but fortunately if you’re not one for the larger sized mouse-pads, there is a smaller rendition of the G-SR, namely, the P-SR. I wonder if the “G” stands for “Grande” and the “P” for “Pardonable“, because even though the P-SR is still smaller than the G-SR, it’s still slightly bigger than I personally prefer, with dimensions being 355 x 315 x 3.5mm.



Using the G-SR was an interesting experience. The size is too large for my taste, but the texture of the top-weave allowed for a great experience playing FPS for long periods of time, without the edges of the mouse-pad causing any kind of irritation thanks to the stitched edges. Smooth glides overall allowed for optimal performance while playing, and the smoother rubber surface was a pleasant change of pace, and almost makes me feel like I got spoiled. The mouse-pad goes for roughly R395.00 on I can’t find a South African retailer selling it, but for this price, I’d say it’s well worth the investment.

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