Ultimate Ears (UE) Roll 2

UE (Ultimate Ears) are never in short supply when it comes to surprising the socks off of an audiophile. The UE Roll 2 may look like it is a lightweight contender in the Bluetooth Speaker ring, but make no mistake, it packs a pleasant punch for such a “flatty”.

The aim of the UE range is to literally “Plug-and-Play” with your lifestyle, whether it be extreme sports, chilling in the pool, walking the streets or even hosting a party (using the new UE Party App – which is not yet available in SA). One of the most appealing features of the Roll 2 is the “floaty” you receive with the product, allowing you to float the speaker on a body of water, preferably a still one like a pool or pond. The Roll 2 also sports an elastic band, making it easy to attach to a bag, belt, strap or even around your wrist or arm while you go about being yourself.

The speaker is made up of a rubber polymer, making it exceptionally rigid, so if it drops from a height, fear not, it will survive the fall and absorb the impact like a boss. The speaker mesh covering is a very dense cotton polymer as well, which aids in making this speaker very water resistant, however, not quite as water-proof like its bigger brother, the Boom 2, so if submerged, try not to let it stay under for a prolonged period of time… Murphy loves to prove a point, yet the durability is still amazingly remarkable.

With a charging time of roughly 5 hours, you can play music for approximately 9 hours or have it on standby for a few days, making it the ideal travel companion. The sound quality is crisp, clear and quite beefy for a speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. It is acceptably weighted, considering that most of the weight can be attributed to the protection materials. I received my Roll 2 as a gift from Logitech South Africa at their LifeStyle Launch on 5 October 2016, however, you can purchase this convenient sound-orb at an Incredible Connection, with an estimated retail price of around R1,500.00. (Read what I thought about the event here)



The UE Roll 2 is controlled via a mobile application that you can load to your smartphone or tablet if you intend on utilizing the sound equalizer function, however, you can connect any device, laptop, tablet or even entertainment system to the speaker via Bluetooth and comfortably and seamlessly play music from it. This is a very big convenience in my opinion. It carries its weight in total value for money. Quite literally, bang for your buck.

Speaker System

Amplification Type: Active
Crossover Channel: 2-Way
Frequency Response: 108 – 20000 Hz
Output Level (SPL) 86 dB
Audio Amplifier: Integrated
Connectivity Technology: Wired, Wireless

Driver Details

Driver Type: Tweeter Driver, Woofer Driver
Drivers: 1, 2
Driver Diameter: 19 mm, 51 mm

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