Predator Curved Gaming Monitor with Tobii Eye-Tracking

Predator Curved Gaming Monitor with Eye-Tracking wows CES Award Judges

Acer has announced the Predator Z301CT, a specialized gaming monitor that integrates Tobii Eye Tracking!

South Africa, Johannesburg, 15 November 2016: The Acer Predator Z301CT Monitor has captured a big win leading up to CES 2017 with the “Best of Innovation” award, the #1 prize in the Computer Peripherals category.

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The “Best of Innovation” award for the Predator Z301CT monitor means that the judges deemed it to be the most impressive technology in the computer peripherals category and that it scored higher than all other entries. The Predator Z301CT is the world’s first 21:9 curved monitor with eye-tracking functionality. The monitor’s eye-tracking technology adds to a gamer’s arsenal of control tools, helping them to intuitively aim, target and shoot faster than competitors who only have access to a keyboard and mouse.

In addition to the Predator Z301CT the Swift 7, the world’s thinnest notebook, as well as the Spin 7, the world’s thinnest convertible notebook, were also named “Honouree” in the computer hardware and components category. Since their unveiling at IFA 2016, both notebooks have much received international acclaim, including Japan’s Good Design award.

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