Plants VS Zombies Heroes

Plants VS Zombies Heroes Mobile Game

Dr. Zomboss has truly outdone himself this time. What was meant to give the zombies an edge on the “battlefield” has backfired. You have never seen Heroes like this before!

Screenshot by Michael du Plessis
From the creators of Plants Vs Zombies and relevant sequels, come the newest in their mobile game genre, Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes – A deck building strategy game, available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Go on a completely new adventure and collect all the Heroes from both sides.

When I first saw the game, I was skeptical, thinking it was going to be a rip-off of another popular deck-building strategy game. I bit the bullet the following day and was quite pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

This game is in fact quite addictive, and I find myself being utterly biased towards the Plants Heroes, even though I need to complete the Zombies missions to gain in-game currency rewards to buy more deck packs to unlock better cards and possibly even Heroes!

How to Play

There are about 20 Heroes to collect, 10 on each side; You start off with the Green Shadow, femme-fatale Peashooter of sorts, and your first opponent (and later playable Zombie hero) is Super Brain, and unlike the name implies, he’s not very smart, but his brawn and fantastic hair make up for it.

You get more, such as Spudow, possibly paying homage to the Potato Mine’s “sound effect” when it annihilates a zombie, and my favourite, Solar Flare, a fiery sunflower with a passion for scorching zombies.

Screenshot by Michael du Plessis
Alongside the standard single player story missions, you get to play online multiplayer as well, where you can battle in Unranked or Ranked matches. You gain rewards for playing either modes, but Ranked offers the most rewards and it increases the higher you reach in Rank. Online matchmaking is insanely fast, I’ve pressed the Play button and found a match within 10 seconds.


Despite there being a lot of unhappy comments regarding it’s similarity in mechanics to certain other deck-building strategy games, PvZ Heroes is incredibly fun to play and I think it should be given a chance. It has a lot of redeeming qualities.

I however do not want to comment on PopCaps horrible game launch pun.

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