Logitech showcase the ideal tech partners to fit any Lifestyle

In the past six months, Logitech have adopted a much more aggressive approach toward customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Starting with their core legacy rooted in Keyboard and Mouse peripherals, they have come a long way and have acquired a few key sectors which has transformed them into a brand fit for any walk of life and any lifestyle application.

Enter the Logitech House Showcase

On October 5, 2016, Logitech hosted an event deep in the suburban jungle where the focus was to demonstrate how their product ranges, cross brand (sister brands) can and will fit within all applications of our day-to-day activities. Logitech converted a house into a Logitech “playground” of sorts, and “set loose” a bunch of journalists to experience the interlocking representation of what is now becoming a very highly requested solution in the market.

Photo of the Presentation by Jost from Logitech South Africa

First things first!

We were welcomed by an army of professionals in each field, armed with knowledge, smiles and light conversation until it was time to “do business”. Each section of the house had been converted into areas you would find in an average household, like a gym room, gaming room, home office and entertainment area. Right before we set off on our adventures, we were addressed by Jost, who heads up the Logitech brand in South Africa.

Jost introduced us to three high profile representatives from international Logitech divisions and regions. I had a chat with all three, who came across with so much passion for their line of expertise and the Logitech family of products that they are responsible for. The average time that these remarkable individuals have worked with Logitech for is 8 years, so they quite honestly know what they are talking about when it comes to all things Logitech. Pal, Rogier and Magda not only educated me on the present status of Logitech, but also gave me a glimpse into the future and explained where the fresh new market approach and customer satisfaction focus stems from.

[miptheme_quote author=”said Rogier” style=”pull-right”]We will rather launch 10 products propperly, than launch 100 products poorly.[/miptheme_quote]
Roughly 4 years ago Logitech became the responsibility of a new CEO, who is passionately against doing things according to stereotypical standards and who loves to push boundaries. His flair comes from treating Logitech as if it was a startup company. Not in the sense of it being small in any way, but more prioritized in doing things methodically, passionately and getting it right the first time, which lead into explaining why we have seen a decrease in the amount of “new” products we see each year. It was established that the direction or approach is quality vs. quantity, and Logitech now aspires to present products that they can offer support to the consumers for, for as long as possible, which is why they went down the acquisition road with Ultimate Ears, Jbird and SyTech.


After my chat, I set out to the seven stations to experience the new Logi Circle Wireless Camera, the Logitech Silent Click Mouse, the Artimus Gaming Headset, Jbird Bluetooth in-ear headphones and Video Conferencing solutions, each in their respective “habitats”. Everything meshed together so well. We were tasked to complete a few challenges at each station to earn a puzzle piece, and once we collected all our puzzle pieces we could trade them in for a reward. I would like to thank Tess van As, the Marketing Manager from Logitech for the very generous reward. It was an Ultimate Ears (UE) Roll 2, which was even customized with our Twitter handles, to personalize it even more. (See my review here)

Personally, I benefited mostly from the VC (Video Conferencing) Solutions, but will most definitely be branching out into the Jbird and Gaming solutions, specifically the epic gaming “webcam” which is designed specifically for us YouTubers and Live Streamers, with customization into personal backgrounds being just one of the fatal drawing cards. In conclusion, well done folks, the LogitechLifestyle presentation was a classy event and a great success in my opinion.

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