Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review

Trying to find good quality gaming headsets for a reasonable price is always a struggle. You won’t need to look too far with this product that Logitech has gifted the people with!

The Logitech G231 Prodigy referred to as a beginner’s level headset, aimed at gamers looking for good quality sound without needing to spend all their life savings. This 3.5mm wired headset works with PC, PS4, and XBox One. You’ll be able to use the mic on the Consoles easily, since the headset comes standard with one 3.5mm jack, and a splitter for the PCs to plug the jacks into their respective ports. The cable is quite long, so it’s designed mostly for PCs to allow you to plug the headset into the back of the motherboard, which is great, and it definitely doesn’t do any harm for using it with the Consoles, plugging it into the remotes.

Clarity Defined

G231, at your service!

The G231 uses a pair of 40mm drivers, which is smaller than drivers found in other headsets, but this doesn’t compromise the quality at all. It might not kick your head from side to side as a result of the bass, but it’s still really effective, and I enjoyed listening to the sounds coming from practically everything, be it music, movies, or games. There wasn’t a single moment where I thought, “there’s lacking in that area of frequency.” The EQs set for this headset is done well. I enjoyed not needing to fiddle with the EQs for this Headset, though if you find you’d like to adjust a setting, you can always go into Control Panel and add or change settings in Sound, although it seriously isn’t necessary. The sound is crisp and well-balanced for every occasion.

The headset has a great look to it too. The orange colours that pop out from the grey plastic exterior is a nice change of pace from most black and blue or black and red themes. The Logitech logo on the earpieces match the theme with it’s aluminium peaking out from the sides. The earpieces themselves are covered in a black, breathable, and super comfortable cloth. I can have them on for hours without feeling any discomfort from heat, and can be removed to be washed if you so wished. Getting them back on is a bit of a battle, but that’s good in my opinion. You wouldn’t want them coming off on their own during a gaming session. The earpieces are also able to rotate so that you can lay them flat on your desk. Storage-wise, this is a great feature to have, if you want to pack them along in your backpack or laptop bag.

Simple Pleasure

G231 flattened out!

The quality in design doesn’t skimp in the weight division. The headset has been designed to be both slim and light. Coupling this with the audio quality left me brightly impressed. It sometimes didn’t even feel like I was wearing a headset, sitting for hours while nothing was even playing through them while I worked or messed around on my phone. Along the left earpiece, you will find a traditional, adjustable, fold-up mic. Unfortunately, while adjusting the mic, you can hear the squeaks and creaks. This isn’t the only section that gets noisy when being adjusted though, as the earpieces can get a bit creaky when being rotated, but in all honesty, it doesn’t bother me all that much. It’s not like it creaks when it’s in position and doing its job. All of that aside, the mic did a fantastic job of capturing my voice in-game without picking up a lot of background noise. You can reduce the amount of noise the mic picks up in the Control Panel settings on Windows, by going into Sound and then selecting your Recording device. The quality on the voice recording was really decent too.

Controls for volume and mute are found on the braided cord which is 2 meters in length. The location of the controls are in the perfect location, allowing for that bit of slack and making it easy to be reached. There’s even a little clip on the back of the pod to allow you to hang it on your shirt if you like, and it’s so light, it doesn’t tug down on your shirt when it’s dangling. The mute slider on the control pod slides up or down to turn mute on or off. When the mute slider is in the on position, there is a little red stripe visible to indicate the “on” position. The headset is quite easy to manage, and you never have to worry that the headset will be loud enough. The volume slider boosts the system volume. I usually have my playback device volume set to 100% on the system volume tray and have the volume wheel on the headset set at about 50% to 60%.


The G231 Prodigy is a comfortable headset and makes it easy to have them on for hours on end without being bothered by heat or sweat, and isn’t heavy whatsoever. The headset not only looks great, but sounds great too! The sound quality was perfect, and caters to all types of entertainment. Easy to manage, lightweight, and slim enough to carry in your laptop bag or backpack, with adjustable volume from the control pod on the braided cord, this headset is exactly what the type of affordable headset a gamer could want. At the time of this review being written, you can buy this headset from Loot.co.za for R777. You’ll hit the jackpot with this price! (That figure of speech is thanks to loot.co.za and their way of choosing prices.)

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