Heroes of the Storm: New Hero Blaze Spotlight

Heroes of the Storm: New Hero Blaze lights up the Nexus

Things are heating up in Heroes of the Storm with the arrival of Blaze, a veteran Firebat who’s lighting up the Nexus with his fiery personality. This hot new ranged tank enters the fray with some scorching skills, including:

  • Oil Spill: Dispense a slick of oil that slows enemies who touch it
  • Flame Stream: Fire two flaming streams that deal damage to enemies and ignite any Oil Spills hit
  • Bunker Drop: Deploy a Bunker that Blaze and his allies can enter and exit at will

Heroes of the Storm: Blaze Spotlight Video

Blaze is live on the PTR! You can read or download the fact sheet here as well as check out his Hero page here!

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