Grave Danger: Xbox One Launch

Grave Danger: Xbox One Launch

JB Gaming Inc. confirms that Grave Danger will be coming to Xbox One by Summer of 2017!

About the Gameplay

Xbox One Development!
Grave Danger’s gameplay is about utilizing each character’s unique abilities to solve puzzles. The player will switch between these characters and master their movements and attacks, guiding our heroes further into the story. Manage your party and keep everyone alive. Nobody likes a dead teammate. Don’t leave your heroes unattended in a dangerous spot or they might get beat up!

Play Single player or Co-op to solve puzzles! Enlist your friends to control all three characters locally, utilizing them to their maximum potential. If you can’t play with a friend or want the completely single player experience, that’s fine too; the game will be completely playable in either mode.

Teamwork is essential in Grave Danger. Each character must pull their weight and traverse the world to safety. Dante the cowboy is capable of climbing vertical walls. Malice the reaper can float horizontally across chasms and through narrow and dangerous areas. Elliot the wizard has magical elevation and can jump again once mid-air.

Grave Danger Steam Trailer

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Mentions in the Press

[miptheme_quote author=”, Dec 2016″ style=”text-center”]It reminds me a lot of The Lost Vikings in both the way it plays and the genre-mixing, lighthearted attitude it takes.[/miptheme_quote]
[miptheme_quote author=”Co-Optimus, Jan 2017″ style=”text-center”]A few games have taken inspiration from The Lost Vikings over the years, but none so elegantly as Grave Danger.[/miptheme_quote]
[miptheme_quote author=”The Cliqist June 2016″ style=”text-center”]The Lost Vikings of old, Grave Danger seems like the kind of fun, puzzle-y platformer you’ll want to sink your teeth into. The art is fantastically fun and light, very reminiscent of The Lost Vikings, but for the modern generation.[/miptheme_quote]

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