Gaming Tattoos Take on a Higher Level

Gaming Tattoos Take on a Higher Level

Deadmau5 did it. Louis Tomlinson did it. Kid Ink did it. Pippa Tshabalala did it. Now, I’ve “did” it too!

As generations come and fade, so do the things that were Strictly Taboo! What I am saying is that, what was considered as unacceptable to the previous generation, is perfectly acceptable today, and some individuals from said previous generation even partake.

It’s in the Game

Jean’ Metal Gear Solid [!] Tattoo
One of the fastest growing terms is “getting inked” with more and more individuals sporting full or partial sleeves, dermals and piercings. Even businessmen and businesswomen alike are “letting go” and are boldly tagging their bodies with sentimental pieces of art, or unique markers.

With the nostalgia that is rapidly being generated with the rebirth and remastering of old classic games, taking Crash Bandicoot as a prime example, it is no longer enough to just say, “I used to play [insert game name here] back in the day!”, a stronger for of expression is required.

I myself have quite a few tattoos and my most recent, as you can see, is the Iconic Detection Exclamation Mark from Hideo Kojima’s original Metal Gear Solid Game (1998) for PlayStation. It may not mean anything to you, but this game tugged at my heart-strings as a child while playing it over and over to unlock the different endings and brings back so many fond memories, hence it’s location on my chest.


As mentioned, a lot of things used to be taboo, including Tattoos. There has been a mindset or paradigm shift regarding what is considered as a blank canvass. After reading this, I challenge you to count the amount of times you see people in your day that have a Tattoo, and again, it is on individuals of all ages and from all walks of life, ranging from students to CEO’s, so the stigma that was attached to Tattoos has thankfully fallen away and been replaced with pure appreciation of the art form. In my intro I mention a few Celeb’s, who all either sport at least one Gaming related Tattoo or in Pippa’s case is heavily involved in the Gaming Media sector with a very snazzy sleeve. Those names are but a few of the popular and influential guys in their respective industries who are not tied down by the stigma of a Tattoo making you less professional.

This passed week, I conducted a minor experiment, where I approached people in Gaming and Technology shops that were in the Gaming Sections, whether they had a Tattoo or not, struck up conversation and then asked the question, “Do you have a Gaming Tattoo or would you get one?”. I am not exaggerating when I say that 100% of the people I asked instantly grinned, and either said, “I have one yes” or “I want to get one”.

Jenny’s Tattoos & Body Piercing in Alberton
My next question was, “What would you get?”. The answers were varied, but generally leaned toward the Arcade Classics like Mario Brothers, Pacman, Legend of Zelda, Space Invaders, Tetris and even Pokemon. I ended off my informal interviews with what I thought would be cliched, but I was blown away with the passionate answers, the best of which was, “It takes me back to the happiest place and time of my life”.

Ink me naow!

I got my first Tattoo when I was 16 and my first piercing at an epic studio called Jenny’s Tattoos & Body Piercing located in Alberton, Johannesburg. I was fortunate enough to have that Tattoo done by Jenny, the Owner and Founder of the Studio, who specialized in Permanent Make-Up, Tattooing and Paramedical Tattooing. She also did the Piercings and was fully qualified in all these areas. Jenny unfortunately passed away in 2013, but left her legacy to her daughter and son, Monique and Ruvan, respectively, who she trained while they were young.

[miptheme_quote author=”said Monique” style=”pull-right”]It is all about the passion behind the art, allowing people to channel their freedom of expression.[/miptheme_quote]The Artist Team consists of Monique, the Fine Lining & Colour Tattoo Artist (7 years of experience), Ruvan, the Realism & Shading Tattoo Artist (9 years of experience) and Andre, who is the Piercing Artist (16 years of experience). Each of these artists has contributed to my Tattoo’s and Piercings and I can personally, strongly recommend them.

Jenny’s Tattoos & Body Piercing can proudly boast a success story of note, as today the Studio is continuously filled with new customers and returning customers, with the weekends being the busiest and most densely attended periods for sessions. Customers start lining up at the door from 7am, in some cases even earlier, itching to boldly stand out instead of leaving a dulled imprint. I am one of the very happy returning customers, and personally, I would not trust anyone else to Tattoo me, based on my history, relationship and the service I always receive from very humble and cheerful the team.

The studio often runs incredible specials, where they slice their already competitively priced services even lower, without compromising on quality and attention to detail. Right now, their Christmas Special can be found on their Facebook Page. One deal from that special is a Tattoo, sized 5cm x 5cm with Colour for only R250! More info on Jenny’s Tattoos & Body Piercing can be found below the giveaway.

Want a Gaming Tattoo of Your Own?

Respect your Roots Bro!
CodeBros would like to gift you with an opportunity and a motivational nudge. We have got three “special” sessions, and those sessions are up for grabs! This giveaway will run from today, till 22 December 2016, and is open to anyone that is willing to book their session and transport themselves to the studio should they be selected as a winner!

Entry Option One (Worth One Entry)
Pay a visit to the Jenny’s Tattoos & Body Piercing Facebook Page, take a gander at their Gallery, and give them a “Like” if you would like to keep up with their latest deals and Tattoo’d art.

Entry Option Two (Worth Two Entries)
Google or Doodle an idea of what you would like Tattoo’d and Tweet it up tagging CodeBros (@dotcodebros) showing off how rad your idea is. It does not necessarily need to be a Gaming Related Tattoo (it would be more hardcore though). Your Tweeted image is not your final design, you will arrange and discuss your design and finalize it with the Tattoo Artist at Jenny’s Tattoos & Body Piercing ahead of your scheduled session, should you be selected as one of the winners.

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Jenny’s Tattoos & Body Piercing

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The Legal Stuff

This opportunity is only open to residents of South Africa, ideally Johannesburg or Pretoria based. In line with the South African Competitions Board, all entrants need to hold a valid South African ID and are required to be over 18 years of age to receive this specific prize. By entering, you consent to having permanent ink applied to your skin in an area of your choice and do not hold CodeBros or Jenny’s Tattoos and Body Piercing responsible for potential regrets in the future. The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Winners will be contacted via Email and will be announced on this page along with their “Tattoo Design Idea”. You are responsible for making your booking with the Tattoo Artist and for your own transportation to the Studio.

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