VRCade: The South African VR Arcade Experience

VRCade: The South African VR Arcade Experience

VRCade takes you into other worlds. VRCade is South Africa’s premiere virtual reality hub, where you can experience cutting-edge virtual reality entertainment.

Image via VRCade Website
VRCade, Africa’s first social virtual reality arcade, has opened at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Offering state-of-the-art equipment, and a range of licensed international virtual reality (VR) games and experiences the arcade is open to anyone over the age of seven who’s keen to try their hand at a trend that’s taking the world by storm.

Besides showing that VR has something for everyone – not only geeks and techies – founder and MD Zach Joubert says that the VRCade team wants to make virtual reality accessible to more people.

Virtual Reality has to be experienced: it cannot be described. It lets you step into other worlds. Swim with whales, journey within the human body, battle zombies, climb mountains, race rally cars, have massive multiplayer shoot-outs, fly through outer space, or fight side by side with light sabres. These are just a few examples of the experiences that await you.

[miptheme_quote author=” said Zach Joubert” style=”text-center”]Personal VR is unaffordable to most people but now for a nominal fee you and your friends can have access to the full ‘Room Scale VR experience’ with more than enough space to play. Whether it’s a children’s birthday party, a date night with a difference or a corporate team-build we offer unique, world-class entertainment.[/miptheme_quote]

Image via VRCade Website
He says that VRCade is also about making video gaming social again. “Before the introduction of personal home-use consoles friends used to hang out in video game arcades. It was a social experience where people had shared experiences and a lot of fun. VRCade is bringing that back.”

Some of the almost 25 games and experiences VRCade has to offer – Cyberpong, The Blu and Hover Junkers.

Play virtual reality games, and have virtual reality experiences by the hour. VRCade gives everyone the chance to experience the ultimate in gaming and immersion without the large setup costs and space requirements.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Trailer (VR Game)

Networked VR rigs offer multi-player experiences and enable gamers to enter the same virtual environment together (the above Star Trek Bridge Crew trailer is an example of a multi-player experience). The audience on the other hand are able to see a player’s perspective on TVs while mixed-reality green-screening merges VR with the real world, allowing them to watch their friends inside the VR environment. (See below video of what this looks like.)

Virtual Reality – SteamVR featuring the HTC Vive

[miptheme_quote author=” said Zach Joubert” style=”pull-left”]Our experienced arcade assistants are on hand to supervise players and virtual grids help guide them. Future plans include padded walls and ceiling mounted cables to avoid tangling.[/miptheme_quote] Joubert stresses that while the focus is on fun. Safety is also a huge priority.

Situated upstairs at the Watershed (where the old Red Shed used to stand) VRCade is open daily.

The cost is R250 per person per hour, with specials for groups of four or more. Keep an eye on the website and social media channels for regular promotions.

For more information and to book visit http://vrarcade.co.za/book-now/.

More Details

What: VRCade – Africa’s first social virtual reality multiplayer arcade
When: Weekdays: 14h00 until 20h00 (22h00 on Fridays) | Weekends: 10h30 until 22h00
Where: V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 2nd Floor Watershed, Workshop 17, Meeting Room 1, V&A Waterfront,
Parking is available at the Portswood parking arcade at the V&A Waterfront.
Cost: tickets can be purchased at www.vrarcade.co.za for R250 per person, per hour.

About VRCade
This social virtual reality arcade – the first on the continent – offers total immersion games and experiences via state-of-the-art gaming rigs. Based at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town the multiple rig set-up enables gamers to enter the same virtual environment together. While the gamers interact and compete against one another the venue can host a small audience to watch the action. Conceptualised in 2015 the co-founders participated in the Venture Lab Incubator, an entrepreneurial programme hosted by the UCT Graduate School of Business and MTN. For more information visit https://vrarcade.co.za.

Connect with VRCade
Twitter: vrcade_capetown
Facebook: vrcade.capetown
Instagram: vrcade.capetown
Email: info@vrarcade.co.za
Phone: 082 447 6867 (Chery)

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