Valkyrie Challenge: A Tech Girl, Mettlestate and Evetech Initiative

Top SA all-girl gaming teams to battle it out in the Valkyrie Challenge

Tech Girl, in partnership with Mettlestate and Evetech, has announced the launch of the Valkyrie Challenge. The Valkyrie Challenge will see two all-girl CS:GO teams, Amaryllis Gaming and Energy Esports, battling it out in a winner takes all CS:GO competition on Saturday 5 August 2017. The team to come out on top in the best-of-five match will walk away with R50 000.

The Valkyrie Challenge follows on from the first successful girl gaming event Tech Girl (Sam Wright) hosted in June. That event, which took place at The Nexus in Johannesburg, was to provide ladies the opportunity to play games and potentially try their hand at Esports. The success of the event was more than Sam expected. “We were fully booked within 24 hours of announcing the event. Seeing so many ladies gaming and so interested in trying new games as well as Esports was overwhelming. We had more than 150 ladies in attendance and many requests for more events,” says Sam.

And here we are with the Valkyrie Challenge in partnership with Mettlestate and Evetech. Internationally, all-female showcase matches and challenges are hosted regularly to showcase females in the sport and promote equality. South Africa is yet to see the same, but with the launch of the Valkyrie Challenge that will hopefully start changing.

[miptheme_quote author=”said Sam Wright, Tech Girl” style=”text-center”]Esports is seeing six-figure sums being thrown around for prize pools but we don’t see enough women in those competing line ups. Esports is a place where men and women can compete as equals and, as nearly half the gaming audience is female, it is important to kill past stigmas and get more of these incredibly talented ladies showcasing their skills and participating in competitions. The Valkyrie Challenge allows us to showcase the best female gamers in South Africa and hopefully it will encourage other ladies to feel more confident joining MGOs and teams[/miptheme_quote]

Sam Wright, Tech Girl
Events like this may, while incredibly necessary to drive growth and an inclusive Esports community, may not see the light of day if not for the support of the industry, and brands wanting to get involved to assist in driving that growth.

Barry Louzada from Mettlestate notes that partnering with Tech Girl for the Valkyrie Challenge was a no-brainer for the brand, who is intent on promoting an inclusive Esports industry. “Mettlestate is committed to growing the South African Esports community and ensuring it is inclusive. And so when Sam, who is part of the Mettlestate family, came to us with a great idea (of hosting girl gaming events) a few months ago, we backed her 100%.

The first event she hosted was phenomenal and so well received, and her next goal was to host an invitational such as this – the Valkyrie Challenge. With our fully fitted production set up, the Mettlestate team is well equipped to make this event a reality – as we’ve shown with our past events. We’re very excited to be involved. In supporting the Valkyrie Challenge, not only will we get to showcase some incredible CS:GO but we can also offer the community and those new to Esports the opportunity to spend some time gaming and enjoying a fun afternoon out. In order to drive further growth in SA Esports, we need to have an inclusive Esports community. There are a host of talented ladies playing online every evening but we aren’t seeing them in competition. We believe initiatives like this will encourage them to take their talents to the competitive arena,” says Louzada.

Sam’s hope is to see an all-female league in future to help shine a spot light on girl gamers in SA. “But long term, I want to see a female-led team win one of the big competitions”.

And if you’re wondering about the match name? In Norse mythology, a valkyrie (from Old Norse valkyrja “chooser of the slain”) is one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. “The idea was to have a strong name for the match while also communicating the female aspect which is where the name came from. It is one match (best of five) so technically it is an invitational, but we thought a cool name was needed,” Sam adds.

The Valkyrie Challenge – All Female eSports Invitational in South Africa

Join in on the Valkyrie Challenge action on 5 August 2017

For those who are keen to attend the event at the Evetech studio on Saturday 5 August 2017, access will be free but must be pre-booked. Tickets will be released via the Tech Girl, Mettlestate and Evetech social media channels on Wednesday 19 July 2017. There are limited spaces for a studio audience. Mettlestate will be providing food and refreshments for the afternoon and the chill space in the Evetech studios will be open from 13:00 to allow people a chance to play some games and jam with one another. The best of five show match between Amaryllis Gaming and Energy Esports will kick off at 15:00. The match will have an all-female analysis panel, and two of SA’s top shoutcasters will be casting. There will also be great new products from Evetech on display so it will be a fun social setting before getting into the action.

Those who aren’t able to make it to the Evetech studio can stream the show match on from 15:00.

Connect with Tech Girl, Mettlestate and Evetech online (and get tickets to the event/the latest updates on the Valkyrie Challenge):

About Amaryllis Gaming
Amaryllis Gaming is an all-female eSports team focusing on Counter-Strike; Global Offensive. The team was formed in January 2016 by a group of dedicated players whose aim is to highlight female gaming within South Africa. The three core players have been competing alongside each other since Counter-Strike; Source and after observing the growth of female eSports on an international level and through the success of local legends, they decided that it was time to take local female eSports to the next level after sourcing out the remaining two members of their squad hoping to one day join the big names on the international scene.

About Energy Esports
eNergy Finesse team was formed to showcase the best female gamers in South Africa. We created the team after noticing a lack of professional female players in the local scene. We would like to highlight the talent that South Africa has and we believe that we can achieve just that. eNergy Finesse aims to provide the platform to show the scene what girls in gaming are all about.
We are very proud to be in Energy eSports as we believe that they will provide us the platform to show the scene what girls in gaming are all about! Just like their male counterparts, these young women aspire to not just compete locally but have dreams and aspirations to also make it globally. Some of the ladies have already represented other gaming organisations and teams and we are excited to have signed a team who desires, as we do, to compete and win at the highest levels of competitive play.

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