The Son of Bigfoot Review

The Son of Bigfoot Review

Forget what you think you know about the Legend of Bigfoot, because this fresh new take on who or what Bigfoot is, will charm the socks right off your feet. The Son of Bigfoot may not be “as” hairy as his daddy, but there is far more to being a Bigfoot than just the hair and feet.

On Sunday, 6 August 2017, SterKinekor Entertainment treated us “Press Parents” and our “Press Kiddies” to a special and exclusive screening of The Son of Bigfoot (a.k.a Bigfoot Junior) at Monte Casino (the location is very ironic, I know). Our kiddies were treated to some awesome swag bags containing some epic Son of Bigfoot Tees, Lanyards (#winning) and some Yum-delicious Chocolate-Almond-Brittle snacks along with other snazzy platters, juices and a Green Screen where they could have their pictures taken with Adam (The Son of Bigfoot) and his hairy dad (Bigfoot).

The Actual Review Begins Here

Haircuts do not last long for Adam
The movie starts off with an action packed scene where a not-so-hairy Bigfoot (Voiced by Christopher L. Parson) is being pursued by the entire HairCo. army, for reasons that are only immediately unknown. HairCo. is pretty much as complex as their name implies, they research and develop methods of perfecting the ability to grow the perfect head of hair. The scene then changes over to a young Adam (The Son of Bigfoot) being held by his mom, while staring out the window into a very stormy night setting, establishing the “past” and paving the way for a speedy continuation into the present. Some years later, Adam, now in his Teenage years, is treated as an “outcast” in school and gets bullied quite often while being raised by his now single mom after the disappearance of his dad.

After yet another run-in with the school bullies Adam needs a haircut to remove some chewing gum from his hair, and this is where things start getting a bit strange for him (keep this in mind). The next day Adam wakes up in the morning with a full head of hair again, almost as if nothing had happened. That very same day after detention, Adam stumbles upon a hidden box within a vent containing some information relating to his missing father, who he then decides to go out and track down, armed only with a piece of tree bark with a scratched out address. Keeping this as spoiler free as possible, Adam finds himself in the densest part of the forest, over 100 miles away from home after quite an eventful evening, face-to-face with his dad. After quite a humorous introduction and reunion, Bigfoot then explains a lot of things to Adam, specifically why he had to go into hiding (Some more HairCo. flashbacks) and what is happening and changing in his body (Adam’s body).

Just slow things down and you will hear them speak
Part of the other changes and abilities that Adam is going through is “heightened senses” (similar to echo location), the ability to talk to animals, run exceptionally fast and the ability to heal faster than the average human.

The reunion does not last very long, as HairCo. learns of the disappearance of Adam through sheer co-incidence and then track both Adam and Bigfoot down to their secluded forest hideout. After employing emotional blackmail tactics, HairCo. finally get what they want and capture Bigfoot, returning him to their facility to begin experimentation on his DNA, which they believe holds the secret to what they have been missing all these years in their growth formula. Armed with the knowledge of his abilities and the forest animals, Adam devises a plan to rescue his dad from HairCo. and put an end to their schemes that have kept their family apart for so long. The execution of this plan is not without it’s unexpected twists, revelations and emotional tugs and rounds off superbly with a heartwarming finale, and humorous payback session on those dastardly school bullies.

Distributed by StudioCanal, and produced by nWave Pictures, The Son of Bigfoot has a very unique CGI Animation Style linking it to most of the other movies that they have done, which originally made me feel like I have seen the movie before, and that was because of the element crossovers within the movie as well. The humor appeals both to adults and children alike and had us glued to the screen from start to finish, which was pleasantly complimented with a top notch score composed by Belgian Band Puggy. My favorite song from the movie, which is still stuck in my head today is titled, “Where The Light Is“.



Both my two sons and I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Son of Bigfoot, which released today, 11 August 2017 on the big screens in South Africa. I have since been begged a bunch of times to return to the cinema to watch the movie again, and again, and again. I can honestly say, I do not mind, as this really was such a cute movie, which also had a crossover with another movie Directed by Jeremy Degruson and Ben Stassen in 2013 called Thunder and the House of Magic. Interestingly enough, the voice actress Cinda Adams stars in both of these movies as well. The crossovers can be seen when the Truck Driver picks up Adam in the start of the movie, and also take note of the Chihiuahua Bobblehead in the truck just before Adam gets saved by Bigfoot after Adam falls from the cliff into the road. This movie will without a doubt find its way into my movie collection as soon as it releases locally on DVD/BluRay.

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