The #NintendoSwitchSA Pop Up Zone VIP Launch Event

The #NintendoSwitchSA Pop Up Zone VIP Launch Event

Nintendo really know how to make a statement and without even needing to try hard at all. The Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone is officially open, and it is something special to behold!

Thursday evening, 31 August 2017, members of the Press, PR Heads and Celebrities from many different sectors gathered at Sandton City’s Banking Court in Johannesburg. More specifically, we gathered next to the iStore (Nintendo being part of The Core Group and all…) at the brand spanking new concept store, titled the “Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone”. We were welcomed, tagged and ushered in by the fabulous Nintendo South Africa Team who then left us to our own devices (figuratively and literally) to mingle and start getting the word out about this exclusive event via our respective social platforms.

The Corridor To Heaven

Screens on my Left. Screens on my Right.
After grabbing a drink and causing a fuss about the brilliantly Mario Brothers themed lollipops, I made my way into the “store”. Let me just say that before I even walked in, I was blown away, but when I actually crossed the threshold, it was like I had been transported into a whole new world. A world where only Nintendo existed. The walls were covered in Nintendo themed wallpaper, the floor was covered with a mock racetrack and there were consoles and screens on either side of me, each with a different Nintendo Switch game being played by a VIP, as well as a round table with 4x (four) Nintendo Switch Consoles in Tabletop Mode.

The Nintendo Switch launched in South Africa on 3 March 2017, and has since given us a wide range of games to enjoy. Shockingly, there are still many people that are unaware of the Switch and what it can do, and that is what the Pop Up Zone will remedy. With 18 Play Zones in this Pop Up Store, each zone will showcase the current best and most popular Switch Titles that the Console has to offer. These games include, but are not limited to Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We were even given exclusive “first to play” access to play EA Sports FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch Consoles!

If that was not enough to make the nerd-inside reach for his inhaler (inappropriate stereotype I know, I’m sorry), the back of the store housed all the Exclusive Nintendo Loot! You will not believe your eyes when you see how much epic Nintendo Shiny’s have been very temptingly displayed in the 4m x 5m (roughly) Nintendo Merchandise Store, where you can purchase exclusive Memorabilia, Gear and Hardware. Among the goodies I was eye-balling was a Pikachu and MewTwo Amiibo! I was literally willing to pay any amount they wanted, but I was told by the salesman that due to licensing reasons they are for display only (preview) until the stock lands in the country. Well they got my attention! You can also purchase games for the Switch at the counter, should you enjoy the experience enough to want to take it home with you.

The Event Festivities

There it is. Heaven!
Already suffering from heart palpitations, Mario and Luigi the arrived at the Store and started dishing out Hi-5’s and posing with everyone for a snapshot of pure awesome all while Sam Wright from Techgirl greeted us over the speakers and big screens, announcing that a Celebrity Race Challenge was about to kick off. Enter Jack Parow, DJ ArchJnr (The Youngest Licenced DJ By SAMRO), DJ Fresh, DJ Rob Forbes, DJ Catherine Grenfell, Stacey Holland, Calvyn Justus and Lerato Nobuntu Sengadi. Each celeb grabbed the Joy-Con of their choice and got comfortable behind their own screen as the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe starting line scene played out and the countdown began.

Needless to say, we all dropped what we were doing and gathered around the big screen to witness this exclusive battle, which was then detailed to be a Race for Charity, as the Winning Celeb would receive R30,000.00, which they would then donate to a Children’s Charity of their choice! Again, the revelation of the generosity displayed by Nintendo South Africa took our breath away! After the races were completed, the winners were announced and they took to the Winner’s Podium. Third Place went to DJ Catherine Grenfell. Second Place went to Calvyn Justus and First Place went to Jack Parow. Right after this generous statement and event, DJ ArchJnr took to the DJ Decks, tapped that Cue button and smashed Play, kicking off the final stretch of the event, launch and celebration with a party of note! See the NintendoDistributorSA Instagram Page for the Videos of these epic festivities.

Experience It For Yourself

You too can get lost in the world of Nintendo, by getting down to the Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone at Sandton City in Johannesburg from 1 September 2017! If you are looking for more details, you can take a peek at the Official Press Release and if you would also like to get your hands on EA Sports FIFA 18, you need to book your time slot ahead of the time to avoid disappointment. We hope that this Pop Up Zone will be a huge success, which could mean that South Africa will get a shot at having a Nintendo Store in a few Malls across the country! Imagine! CodeBros would like to thank Nintendo South Africa and their awesome Team for hosting us and for keeping us so busy that we know we looked awkward walking around trying to decide what to do or play first!

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