The #DXRacerSA Event that Ruined All other Chairs

The #DXRacerSA Event Ruined All other Chairs!

Think your “toosh” has experienced comfort on a free standing, reclining gaming chair before? I honestly, truly and strongly doubt that.

On Saturday, 25 February 2017, we very uncomfortably struggled through traffic both on highways and back roads, while we made our way to the Evetech HQ in Centurion to attend the Official DXRacer South African Media Launch. The event was hosted by both very dedicated teams from Evetech and Megarom Interactive, who made it their mission to show us the true definition of not only gaming in style, but in ultimate comfort.

Why… So… Special?

The DXRacer Racing Series
Shortly after arriving, my brother Michael (CodeBros’ Other Half) and I were directed up into the #DXRacer Experience Room, where there were 5 of the DXRacer Gaming Chairs on demo, for us to “Test Drive”!

The chairs on display were, The Tank Series, The King Series, The Racing Series and The Formula Series. The only one we did not get bums-on-experience with, was The Iron Series. Each of which have their own special defining differences.

[miptheme_quote author=”said Imran, Managing Director, Evetech” style=”text-center”]The Entry Level DXRacer Gaming Chair, The Formula Series, starts from R5,999 and is exclusive to Evetech.[/miptheme_quote]

With a price cap at R10,999 for the Top-of-the-Range DXRacer Gaming Chair, being The Tank Series, we just had to know… what makes these chairs so unique and price-justifiable. Features dear reader, features! Yeah, you might be saying exactly what I said, “How? Why? Whyyyyyy!?!”, but after putting each DXRacer Gaming Chair through Vigorous Scrutiny, I am not ashamed to say, these chairs made my bum and back exceptionally happy… plus, I felt like a baws sitting in each of them. My favorite by far was The Racing Shield Series, which Evetech retails for R8,699.


The DXRacer Racing Series Hype!
During the initial presentation and introduction to the launch, it was discussed and pointed out that all the DXRacer Gaming Chairs come with a Headrest & Adjustable Lumbar Cushion, which is made out of Memory Foam. This is very clever, because while you sit for hours at clan training matches or days grinding away at World of Warcraft, your chair’s literally, “Got your back!”. Talking about your back, each of the DXRacer Gaming Chairs come with Fully Adjustable Backrests, allowing you to recline between 90 and 135 degrees, with exception of The Tank Series, which only reclines to 120 degrees.

The main focus of these DXRacer Gaming Chairs is on Quality, Comfort and Ergonomics, where the Quality side was explained to be found in the full size Steel Framework, Strong Aluminum Base and super funky 4 Dimensional Armrests! The Armrests can lift up and down, swivel left and right, even shift forward and backward, setting a brand new standard when it comes to extra customizability options. The Racing Series’ backrest is covered in a very strong Polypropylene and Glass Fiber Plastic Shield, which makes it exceptionally rigid. When it comes to Weight Limits however, this is very limiting, as The Formula Series and Racing Series can only support up to a maximum of roughly 100kg, where The Tank Series and The King Series can support up to 200kg.

These DXRacer Gaming Chairs look like they are specifically directed at PC and “Desk-Users”, but when you consider the size and comfort levels of The Tank Series and The King Series, they can very easily be utilized for Console Gaming as well, instead of sinking into a couch or your bed, where it is very easy for siblings or pranksters to “skootch” on over and distract your micro skills from their optimum levels.

Personally though, Gaming Application aside, I would use these Gaming Chairs at my business. My daytime job consists of me running my own Automotive Spares Distribution Company, so can you just imagine each of my staff members desks being armed with a Racing Series Gaming Chair and my Boardroom Table being surrounded by a few Gaming Chairs from the Tank or King Series? I think it is time I discussed a “Staff Initiative” angle with my accounts department! We would like to thank Evetech and Megarom Interactive for hosting us on Saturday, it was great fun. These chairs rock. Keep an eye open for DXRacer Gaming Chair Reviews on CodeBros.

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