Rage 2 Review


Rage 2 Review

As the Rage 2 tagline says, “Insanity is here!” and without a doubt, it really is! The game starts off with pure pandemonium, throws you into a very emotionally tight spot and then literally drops you in the middle of nowhere.

A Mutated What-Now?

So as the story goes, General Cross never actually died in the first installment of Rage and this is what you are tasked with figuring out. The how and the why? If that is not a tall order already, you are the last remaining “Ranger” left alive. The details of why this happened and how, if you want spoilers, you can go check in our first hour of gameplay video here, because this review will cover the basics of what you need to know if the game has peeked your interest.

You are now in a very mutated wasteland, surrounded by many factions of “bad guys” trying to gain control of a region all the while, the Authority (Gibbmeister Cross’ faction) has a very strong presence in each region, even guarding them with massive Authority Towers that are armed to the brim with explosive tech to keep you as far away as possible from the area. Taking these on when you are strong enough is encouraged, because they do guard very valuable caches of weapons, mods, currency and upgrades!

Not only is the wasteland mutated, but the Authority are now throwing mutated foot soldiers, heavies and big monstrosities at you at every corner and story point. Mutated how you ask? Let’s just say that genetically robotic, Feltrite creatures are a challenge to deal with, when you are living on the edge of bullet-hell meets mayhem. So how do you deal with everything?

Gear Up Girl

If you take a look at the video below, I made some really good progression within 7 hours of the game, I unlocked some cool skills, upgraded my tech and weapons plus found some really cool vehicles. In the video, I show you a boss fight with General Cross, take on an Authority Tower, take out a Road Convoy and locate an Ark to get a new brutal skill. I also show you some fun things you can do in the game, like becoming a racing champion, having quirky chats with your car (named Phoenix), going into a killing arena just for some pointless gibbing or gaining celebrity status while reviving Project Dagger, which is the key focus of the game and the three main Protagonists that assist you in your journey through Rage 2.

One of the absolute best parts about Rage 2 is the lack of “loading screens” between sectors and towns! It literally is one massive sandbox experience that allows you to transition between desert wasteland into an overgrown swamp without even noticing a load-lag. This, really added to the fun of the game, and allowed the title to randomly throw roadblocks, hordes of baddies and location collectibles at you sporadically enough to keep you entertained and gives you the feeling of being spoilt for choice in activities. The only snag I experienced, was audio triggering is quite flawed at the moment. I am playing on PlayStation 4, and when moving between zones or between story and activities, the audio would still be looping from the previous sector over the new sector audio, which did at some stages make me save and reload into the game to clear the loop, but other than that, I am addicted to the game and will be pushing to finish it soon.



Rage 2 was released on 14 May 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and was developed by id Software in conjunction with Avalanche Studios. Published by Bethesda Softworks, Rage 2 is the sequel to Rage, which launched in 2011, and retains it’s single player first person shooter style without introducing any multiplayer modes, but is currently (at the time of this review) tracking player progression to offer all players a special skin reward after cumulatively defeating 100 million baddies in the wasteland. You can pick up your PlayStation 4 copy for R915.00 at BT Games or on Steam for PC at only R879.00. For fans of mindless entertainment, gun blazing chaos and just pure ridiculousness, this is a jewel, but for those who are very particular about their gaming experience being “set in one style”, this is not for you…right now.

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