The Pokemon Halloween Event is a…GO!

Pokémon GO Halloween Trick or Treating… Candy galore!

Something spooky has happened, so put on your Trainer Cap and go catch ’em all!

Will we see a return in the majority of Trainers who have abandoned their Pokémon and Teams with this first of many epic in-game events? Many trainers felt that the wildly popular game was getting very monotonous and repetitive, and hung up their Trainer hats for a while…

It’s Halloween Season and the #PoGo (Pokémon GO) team have a wicked treat for all us trainers! From 26 October 2016 to 1 November 2016, we all earn double the amount of Candy for each catch, hatch or transfer of our surplus Pokémon to the Professor! I have tested it and it works! On my way to work, I took a few detours to try stock up on a few needed Candies, and as promised, I got 6 Candies per catch, and then 2 Candies per Transfer. The hatching will still happen sometime during the day.

Buddy Candy Rate Decreased

How does it affect our buddy Pokémon? Well, apparently they will help us earn Candy four times as fast too! Again, proven to work, as my Magikarp Buddy, now earns me, or “finds” a Candy for each 0.25km walked as opposed to the original 1km walked!

More “Ghosties”

We can also expect to encounter more spooky Pokémon than normal, so don’t be weirded out when you are surrounded by a bunch of Gastly’s while taking over a gym, because they want to enjoy the fun too! My travel to work is about 3km (I’m lucky huh!) and on the way, I found clusters of Gastly’s, Drowzee and Abra is the short drive, so there is a massive increase in “Halloween Hive” spawns! GO catch ’em guys!

Pokémon GO is available in South Africa on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If you have not joined in, now is a good time to start and even gain a bit of a boost at the same time!

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