Megarom Games: The #BlizzardGamerZA Giveaway

Win Blizzcon 2008 Exclusives with Blizzard and Megarom Games

Megarom Interactive and Blizzard Entertainment have an Incredible Exclusive Hamper filled with BlizzCon Collectibles for You to Win!

How big of a Blizzard Fan are you? Here is the opportunity to prove it to us and to Blizzard as well! The majority of us are unable to attend the Annual BlizzCon Madness, and Blizzard knows this, which is why they have sent a stash of epic Blizzard Goodies (Including BlizzCon Exclusives) to Megarom Games, who have decided to give CodeBros the chance to find the Ultimate Blizzard Fan and reward them with some items you cannot find in any shops!

Megarom Interactive have given us a Hamper containing 10x Blizzard Goodies for you to win!
The goodies found in this hamper are as follows:

  • Branded Blizzard Carry Bag
  • Hearthstone iPhone 4/4S Cover
  • Overwatch Rubber Wristband
  • World of Warcraft “Lil Chen” Pandaren Plush
  • Pop! Games: Diablo – Tyrael Figurine
  • Blizzcon Lich King Inflatable Frostmourne Sword
  • Diablo III Rainbow T-Shirt
  • Overwatch Recruit Kit (Press Kit)
  • StarCrafts Zergling Plushie
  • StarCrafts Fridge Magnets

Wanna know what these Awesome Blizzard Goodies look like? Then take a look at our Blizzard Goodies Reveal Video. These Goodies are Seriously Epic, and would make Any and Every Blizzard Fan Super Happy! Good Luck!

The #BlizzardGamerZA Prize Reveal Video

How do I win?

The giveaway will run from today, 24 April 2017 until Midnight 14 May 2017! You can gain a total of 50x Entries in the Giveaway if you are Proactive and Enter each day! Ideally we want proof that you are indeed a True Blizzard Fan, and would really dig a snapped Selfie which you can include in your posts. Whether you hold a Piece of Paper that reads “I <3 Blizz!", a screenshot of one of your Blizzard Game Characters or a Full-On Cosplay, we wanna see whatcha got!

Main Entry

  • Post your Blizzard Fan Selfie on a Social Media Platform of your Choice using the #BlizzardGamerZA Hashtag. Provide us with the link to verify your entry! (Worth 5x Entries)

Bonus Entry Option #1

  • Visit Megarom Games on Facebook and Like their Page to stay up to date with their Release News, Promotions and Competitions. (Worth 1x Entry)

Bonus Entry Option #2

  • Visit CodeBros on Facebook and Like our Page to stay up to date with our News Articles, Reviews and Competitions. (Worth 1x Entry)

Bonus Entry Option #3

  • Tweet about the Giveaway, Thanking Megarom Interactive (@MegaromGames) for the Giveaway Prizes! Please tag CodeBros (@dotcodebros) in your Tweet as well, also include the #BlizzardGamerZA Hashtag allowing us to Track your Entries! (Worth 1x Entry Per Tweet, Per Day)

Bonus Entry Option #4

  • Comment Below telling us what your Favorite Prize is in the Giveaway. (Worth 1x Entry)

Bonus Entry Option #5

  • Post another Blizzard Fan Selfie on a Social Media Platform of your Choice using the #BlizzardGamerZA Hashtag. Provide us with the link to verify the entry! (Worth 2x Entries Per Post, Per Day)

Bonus Entry Option #6

  • Interact on the Original Facebook Post by Liking, Sharing, Commenting and Tagging some friends to join in and increase your chances! (Worth 2x Entries Per Post, Per Day)Click Here to go to Facebook Post

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For The Horde! Congratulations Janke!
Janke Roodman via Facebook Link. (9 May 2017)

Janke maxed out her entries by Sharing, Liking, Commenting, Tagging Friends and also by Entering with all the above options. It would seem that the Rafflecopter System favored her Proactive Conduct or was just seriously intimidated by her Impressive Cosplay. Well done Janke, thank you for entering and we hope you enjoy your goodies! For The Horde!

The Legal Stuff

This opportunity is only open to residents of South Africa. In line with the South African Competitions Board, all entrants need to hold a valid South African ID and are required to be over 16 years of age to receive a prize, unless a parent or legal guardian is able to accept the prize on their behalf. The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. The winner will be contacted via Email on 15 May 2017. The prize will be couriered to the winner anywhere in South Africa.

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