Logitech G433 Review

Logitech G433 Review

We, as gamers, generally know what we want when it comes to our audio needs, but let’s say you’re not absolutely sure and would like something that can cater to any situation and/or device. Look no further, because the G433 has a lot to offer.

Logitech’s G433 is a wired gaming headset, with virtual 7.1 surround sound for that immersive experience we’ve all become accustomed to in gaming, partnered with DTS which delivers that fantastic 360° audio. I had no problem being able to hear enemy or friendly movement and detecting the directions from which they were coming, even down to the ambience, such as birds or bugs flying overhead. Despite the fact that this headset has a 40mm driver, Logitech has managed to “ace the bass” levels here, giving us great balance of thud in amongst the other events in-game with what they refer to as their “Pro-G™ Advanced Audio Driver”. All of the frequencies are crisp, and I could hardly make out any distortion if there ever was, even on higher volumes, although when you go there, it’s pretty obvious you’ll be getting a little distortion, so don’t expect pushing volumes beyond the limit will ever not have distortions. Out of game, when listening to music or watching movies, the same can be said. There’s even a hidden acoustic port behind the driver that resonates and amplifies for incredible cinematic sound.

Complete Versatility

All The Colours

The frequency levels are great off the bat, requiring no EQ changes when plugging in. It’s worth a mention, though, that when I first plugged in the headset and started messing around, it felt like a lot of the low-mid frequencies were missing, though, somehow, it came right on its own when I plugged it out and back in later on. I doubt it’s a common issue, but if anybody gets this issue, you can download the Logitech Gaming Software for free to correct any EQ issues if you have any, as well as create user profiles that target specific game settings for specific titles (and only activate in said title). With that being said, I should mention the headset comes with peripherals, such as detachable cables (PC users will utilise the USB DAC for 7.1 virtual surround), a detachable unidirectional microphone, and an additional cable that includes an in-line microphone, which is useful for any kind of portable gaming or general music listening.

The G433 is covered in, what Logitech terms, a “Hydrophobic, stain-resistant fabric” covering each ear cup, which is a very unique look to give headsets, I must say. It’s actually quite a good design in visual terms, but I was concerned about what might happen if it got wet or stained. I didn’t dare test it of course, so for now well take Logitech’s word for it, that the fabric is “hydrophobic” and “stain-resistant”. The fabric comes in a multitude of colours, namely; Black, Red, Blue, and Blue Camo. The top is made from the usual scratchy plastic material, and underneath is a comfortable fabric-covered foam. The entire top can be extended to fit any size of head, and even has 90° swivels that allow the ear cups to rotate and lay flat on your desk. The ear cups are removable and replaceable, with both cloth and microfiber pads provided in the box. Both types are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, without getting an overdose of warmth, which further adds to the comfortability.

Advanced Audio

All The Accessories!

As I mentioned above, the sound quality is amazing, competing against other high-performance headsets too, being a tad bit more affordable too. You get to take your headset with you wherever you like too with the detachable nature of the headset, which means you can take your immersive experience wherever you go. I liked to leave the USB DAC cable plugged into my laptop, with the other braided PC cord inserted into the USB DAC, allowing me to use the other detachable cable when I wanted to switch on the PS4 or XBone to continue using my headset with the mere switch of a cable. The detachable mic can even be safely tucked into a rubber holder, when not in use, which gets pressed onto the PC cable. The quality of the mic is incredibly clean. I was amazed at how clear the recording sounded. The noise-cancelling software does it’s job properly, filtering out all the unwanted frequencies and background noise. The playback of the recording sounded a bit nasally unfortunately, but it’s not too bad of a trade-off. The in-line microphone is useful too, but don’t expect the same sound quality as the detachable mic.

The headset is pretty much compatible with any device; PC, VR, PS4, XBone, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Phone, and all in Stereo! Some XBone controllers may require a Stereo Headset Adapter though, which is sold separately. The headset also comes with a 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty, which is pretty neat, seeing as this is Logitech’s way of promising a good product. When you’re not using the headset and want to put it away safely while traveling, the box also comes with a Headset Carry Bag, also made from water-resistant fabric. The Blue Camo headset comes with an Accessories case too, which is pretty neat.


The G433 is a great new addition to the market of headsets, with it’s appealing look and amazing sound quality. The versatility is a brilliant idea. I loved being able to take my headset to use it in all other areas of my life. The headset fits comfortably and the breathable fabric causes no heat buildup. Unfortunately, the headset is a bit pricey, but considering the features and quality, it might not be such a bad trade-off. At the time of this review, it goes for about $99.99 (or approx R1290.00) from the Logitech Store. Be sure to keep an eye out on Loot.co.za for when they get it in stock too!

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