Injustice 2 “Behind The Veil” Exclusive at rAge 2016

What was behind the veil at the Injustice 2 stand?

An Exclusive Injustice 2 Gameplay viewing to tease our tastebuds!

For those of us that were fortunate enough to get into the very tightly guarded Injustice 2 stand at rAge this year, I am sure we can all agree that it was worth the long wait! If you got in and you are reading this, we appreciate you reading our thoughts on what we witnessed. If you did not get inside, let us tell you what we saw without crossing the NDA line and getting our BroAsses into trouble!

DC Chaos in all its beautiful gory…erm, glory!

1 minute after the doors opened to the public
As you walked through the veil, you were presented with roughly 40 seats (I honestly did not count, I was too distracted by the big ass LED screen) in front of what seemed like a 160 inch LED screen showcasing the Injustice 2 logo, and a rocking sound system playing epic music from the Injustice 2 OST to set the tone. We did not wait long after taking our seats, and were welcomed by a very quirky MC, who guided us through the 15 minute demo of Injustice 2.

The demo started with a roster of 4 playable heroes, two (or three) of which you will remember from the first Injustice game. I stand under correction, but I believe the 4 heroes were: Batman, Aquaman, Supergirl and Gorilla Grodd. The first battle we witnessed was between Batman and Gorilla Grodd. In this demo, we were introduced to new game mechanics, such as the full utilization of the environmental damage system, which scales based on your hero’s size/strength. What this means is that Gorilla Grodd could hurl larger environmental debris at Batman, but because of Batman’s size, he could counter by evading better or even “bouncing” off of the large debris flying at his cowl.

The tagline “Every Battle Defines You” was nicely explained, as each time you finish a fight, whether you win or loose, you receive a new piece of gear as a reward. Wait…what? Yes! Gear! Each hero now becomes completely customizable with 5 gear slots. With endless combinations and sexy skins. You are also awarded XP points after each battle, which effects and unlocks new moves and combos, and bolsters your “Super Move” ability. If I remember correctly, the level cap on a hero was 30, and is achievable in about 3 months of seriously dedicated playing.

If you are a fan of the first Injustice, you will be glad to hear that the cut scenes and flashy level transitions are still there, with even more detail awarded to environment and character textures. The battle wager system is also still a main feature, so they have kept close enough to the first title to make you feel at home, but have tweaked the new installment with the above mentioned features which pretty much “changes everything”.

Officially announced

The MC stated, just before we walked out, that WB can officially announce that Harley and Deadshot will be playable characters in Injustice 2, so here is the trailer we saw.

I am seriously excited about Injustice 2, and cannot wait for it to be released in 2017. Speculation is still setting it for the first quarter.

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