Happy N7 Day Bro

Happy N7 Day Bros and Sistas

It’s that time of the year again, where all of us who have been part of the journey in Mass Effect show our appreciation by celebrating N7-Day on November 7th. I can just imagine Shep’s voice right now – “I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite day on Earth.”

With news of Mass Effect Andromeda, it seems we unfortunately have to say goodbye to dear old Shep and start a new journey into the stars and venture to Andromeda, and I just want to say that I am confident that Bioware will not disappoint, looking back on the previous three installments of the franchise. That being said, Bioware announced that we would start celebrating N7 day in 2012, the 5th-Year Anniversary of the original Mass Effect, as an annual event on November 7, to look back on our journey in the Milky Way, to unite as fans and celebrate what Mass Effect and N7 means to us.

To many it has brought joy, allowed us to meet amazing people who share the same love for the franchise and it’s story and characters. Some haven’t caught up to the 3rd game yet, but they still have a growing love and appreciation for it. It’s also a good time for the fans to get creative and make fan-art, or to cosplay as their favourite characters and even send photos to Bioware to be a part of the history. Logging into Mass Effect 3 on this day has also given us a chance to get in-game items for the multiplayer mode. To me, N7 is a symbol of greatness to live up to and a reminder to not give up hope and to sacrifice anything to preserve and protect those dear to you. (Is it corny that this game has made such an impact on me? …Nah!)

It’s also a way for Bioware to interact with the fans, and this year, they are doing it through the Andromeda Initiative. If you haven’t signed up yet, better hurry up, because orientation starts today! Here is the video link to get you started! Click Here to join the Andromeda Initiative today!

Here’s to the greatest Sci-Fi RPG I have ever played. Happy N7-Day everybody! Also keep an eye out for the new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer that Bioware will be releasing today!

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