Giveaway: All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas Giveaway: 2017 Edition

2017 was jam packed with incredible gaming titles! Here is the perfect opportunity to “build-your-own-box” filled with the games you did not get to play. Competition runs from 7 November 2017 till 30 November 2017.

2017 saw one of the most exciting and unrelenting game release schedules in history, with huge Triple A titles being released in rapid succession, leaving the majority of South African gamers spoilt for choice and stuck with the problem of having to choose which title to buy first. Let’s face it, games are expensive, and that is only because of the sad status of the local currency. Seeing as “Tis the Season”, Megarom Interactive, Ster Kinekor Entertainment and Apex Interactive want to thank you for your support and are being very generous by giving you the chance to fill your own Christmas Gift Box for the Ultimate Gaming Christmas Prezzie Ever! One of the local Retailers has taken a seat in Santa’s Sleigh and has also contributed to this giveaway, a big thank you to Games and Gizmos here in Alberton for your generosity!

The Livestream and Giveaways Video

What Can I Win?

Your Wishlist is our Command!
Megarom Interactive, Ster Kinekor Entertainment, Apex Interactive and Games and Gizmos have opened up their hearts and have made available to us, some of the latest and greatest titles of 2017 to give away to you as well as various collectibles and swag!

If you found yourself to be one of the many gamers left with gaming FOMO because your wallet had a whole in it, now is your chance to tell Santa (or us) which games you could not afford, but really really want and if you win, well… we could pack them up into a nice gift box for you and your December will be filled with many hours of epic gaming moments.

Each gift box could reach a value of roughly R6,500 depending on your choices and the swag that comes with it!

How Do I Enter?

This is the easiest giveaway to enter yet. With a basic entry option, and then some bonus entry options for additional entries.

Entry Option #1
Post your Top 5 most desired game names in the comment section below, including the gaming platforms you own.
i.e All I want for Christmas is Destiny 2, Lego Worlds, Call of Duty: WWII, Resident Evil Revelations and Middle Earth: Shadow of War! I have PC and PS4.

Entry Option #2
Get Pro-Active: Get friends and family to enter too, for themselves or to support you by just posting a comment below with your Name! Each post with your name will give you an extra entry! You get unlimited entries by the way…

Entry Option #3
Share the Giveaway on social media platforms of your choice and tag CodeBros in your post so we can track your extra entry. For every comment on your share, you get additional entries! (Wait, what?) (Links to CodeBros Social: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

The Lucky Winners

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The Legal Stuff

This opportunity is only open to residents of South Africa. In line with the South African Competitions Board, all entrants need to hold a valid South African ID and are required to be over 16 years of age to receive a prize, unless a parent or legal guardian is able to accept the prizes on their behalf. The prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. The winners will be contacted via Email on 1 December 2017. The prizes will be couriered to the winner anywhere in South Africa.

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