Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate Review

Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate Short Film Review

Go behind enemy lines, join Joseph Seed and his cult in Inside Eden’s Gate, a Far Cry 5 short film currently exclusive on Amazon Prime Video.

Inside Eden’s Gate is a Live-Action Tie-In that stars Greg Bryk (Father Joseph Seed), previously in A History of Violence, and the very well known Kyle Gallner. The Short Film is roughly 30 minutes long, and transports you into the World of “Modern Day” Far Cry, where you get thrust straight into learning more about the Seed Family, and the PEG’s (Project behind Eden’s Gate).

Internet Trolls?

The Vloggers Before and After their Discovery
The beginning of the Short Film puts you in the “fan-seat” position of a group of three vloggers, who from the looks of things like to uncover and expose mysteries, illegal operations and generally bad or nasty situations. They receive a letter from a man named Mark, who lives in Hope County. In this letter he accuses Eden’s Gate of taking over control of Hope County, and requests that these vloggers help him expose the Cult and find out why so many people are going missing or being abducted.

These gutsy vloggers start off their journey kind-of tongue-in-cheek, not really expecting much and almost poke fun at the “supposed” cult, but dive head first, fumble around and end up deeper than they honestly expected in what leads us to what can only be assumed at this point as either a cross-over or starting point for the Far Cry 5 Game that releases on 27 March 2018!

Family Ties

The entrance and presence of Joseph Seed (Greg Bryk) is overwhelmingly undeniable. From the Character Showcase that was released yesterday, you saw that along with Joseph, each member of the Seed Family has their part to play in the Eden’s Gate Religious Group’s Leadership, and are referred to as Joseph’s Heralds.

Joseph, John and Jacob Seed
If you are out of the loop, you can very easily watch Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate, and gain massive insight to the game and use it as a basic introduction to the main premise of the Eden’s Gate Cult. One of the coolest things about this Short Film is that the Seed Family you meet on screen are played by the cast of the game itself!

Produced by Ubisoft, in partnership with Asylum Entertainment (A Legendary Films Company), the acting is nothing short of exceptional, with an impressive supporting cast line-up, a music score that sets the tone perfectly, bringing out the creepy vibes given off by Joseph Seed and the desperation of the vloggers as they uncover certain truth’s or encounter high adrenaline and action packed situations. The Short Film is currently exclusive to Amazon Prime Video, so if you are a current subscriber and are in the mood for some action, you can watch Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate for free! If you are not a subscriber, you can always try out their 7 Day Free Trial, which will give you access to the Short Film, it is worth the watch and if you are planning on getting the game, this is not to be missed.

Additional Information

The Official Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate Poster
Release Date: 5 March 2018
Director: Barry Battles
Starring: Greg Byrk, Kyle Gallner, Alexis Santiago
Supporting Actors: Jarrett Worley, Erin Manker, Rob Evors, Adam Dorsey
Genres: Horror, Suspense, Drama
Studios: Ubisoft, Asylum Entertainment
Ages: 16+
Watch Now: Amazon Prime: Inside Eden’s Gate

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