Dishonored 2: Rated One of the Top 2016 Games

Dishonored 2 is among the top-rated games of 2016!

Nonlethal or deadly. Stealthy or stabby. No matter how you play the game, one thing’s for certain: Dishonored 2 is among the top-rated games of 2016.

The critics have weighed in, calling Dishonored 2 “superb,” “amazing,” “impossible to put down”… in short, a “must-play” game. Check out a selection of reviews, and see for yourself why Dishonored 2 is the essential stealth assassination game of this holiday and beyond.

The Reviews are in!

Dishonored 2 Review Roundup

“With two unique sets of skills to play with across 10 themed chapters that keep things interesting and a gorgeous, evocative world that feels alive, Dishonored 2 is a remarkable experience.”
IGN – 9.3/10

“Dishonored 2 is one of the best stealth-action games ever made.”
PCGamesN – 10/10

“…a must-play revenge tale among the best in its class.”
Game Informer – 9.25/10

“Dishonored 2 is stealth-action at its finest, and deserves every one of the awards it will no doubt be lavished with this winter.”
Cheat Code Central – 5/5

“Like the Outsider plucking those who interest him from their earthly existence, Dishonored 2 has invaded my unconscious mind, to the point where I can barely think about much else. I’m already planning my third run.”
International Business Times – 5/5

“Dishonored 2 takes everything you loved about Dishonored and improves upon it without becoming bloated. It’s a beautifully designed, layered game, stuffed with hidden gems and secret stories. Also you can stab people in mid air.”
Videogamer – 10/10

“It’s almost unfathomable that a sequel could usurp the original, but that’s just what the developers have done with Dishonored 2. They did it by building on to the systems of the first game, giving players the freedom to once again play the game as they see fit in this oft-beautiful, sometimes dreadful world…”
Attack of the Fanboy – 5/5

“Dishonored 2’s setting, stealth, swordplay, and superpowers are all superb.”
GamesRadar+ – 4.5/5

Dishonored 2: Official Launch Trailer

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