CodeBros Acer Spin 7 Spotlight #AcerMyHome Event

CodeBros speaks out about the #Acer Spin 7

Late December, CodeBros was invited to attend a very intimate Acer event, as which, we took a look at the super thin and light Acer Spin 7 notebook.

The event in discussion, was held out in a very secluded and exclusive venue near Johannesburg, where multiple Acer Devices were showcased to demonstrate how technology can fully integrate into your lifestyle and daily routines. We did an article about the event, which you can read by clicking here.

If you would like to follow or see all the posts, images and tweets from the event, you can click here for a hashtag listing. Here is what we thought about the epic Acer Spin.

CodeBros Acer Spin 7 Spotlight

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