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Terminal Map info and Story Trailer from the Epic New Game

Today, in one of the latest press releases from Megarom Interactive, we received some quotes and commentary about the redesigned Terminal Map in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. We thought that what these gents shared with us, would be awesome to share with you as well. A lot of hard work and loads of sleepless nights go into making titles stand out from the rest, these guys deserve a bells, or two.

The Multiplayer Designer speaks out!

Map: Terminal | Rigs: Warfighter, Synaptic

Image courtesy Megarom Interactive
[miptheme_quote author=”Scott Carpenter, Lead Multiplayer Designer” style=”text-center”]We had a lot of fun redesigning the Terminal map to be set on the moon. The scale of the types of vehicle needed for interplanetary flight allowed us to design some cool opportunities for wall running…or, in this case, gigantic grenade explosions…on vehicle wings.[/miptheme_quote]

…more from the Multiplayer Project Director

Map: Terminal | Rigs: Merc, Synaptic, Warfighter

Image courtesy Megarom Interactive
[miptheme_quote author=”Jordan Hirsh, Multiplayer Project Director” style=”text-center”]The RC-8 scorestreak took quite some time to perfect but we want it to be one of the most badass scorestreaks available. Being able to manually control the robot via remote connection is an interesting gameplay twist. It provides an extreme lethal advantage for a short duration especially given our game’s emphasis on frontline engagements.[/miptheme_quote]

The Magnificent Story Trailer

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